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Current Record

9 - 8


Spring Results

Date Location Score
May 17 Regina Mundi W 11-6
May 24 GS Henry L 12-2
May 31 Eglinton Flats L 12-2
June 7 Eglinton Flats L 18-6
June 14 GS Henry L 19-6
June 21 Eglinton Flats L
June 28 Regina Mundi L
July 5 Eglinton Flats W 19-14

Summer Results

Date Location Score
Jul 12 Glenview PS W 19-17
Jul 19 Glenview PS L 19-15
Jul 26 Eglinton Flats W 19-17
Aug 3 Wherever W 18-3
Aug 9 Eglinton Flats W 18-9
Aug 16 GS Henry W 19-7
Aug 23 Eglinton Flats W 19-4
Aug 30 Eglinton Flats W 19-7
Sept 13 Eglinton Flats L 14-10
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Kirsten Bain "Super Bain"
Krista Kilian "AWOL"
Tara McCarville "Wheels"
Claire McGlynn "Colonel Sanders"
Roisin McGlynn "Finger Lickin' Good"
Janet Reid "Interplanet Janet"
Tracy Ross "Rubber Chicken"
Sue Soliman "Soul Sistah"
Inti Ali "Scoreboard"
Doug Andrews "Smiley"
Garth Chalmers "Jerk Chicken"
Matty Cooper "Baked Chicken"
Ted Everson "Lefty"
Todd Minerson "Jackass"
Brent Wheeler "Plucked"
Graham White "Graham Central Station"

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