Name: Tracy Ross
Wing Span: 5'6"
Hometown: Jokeville
Favourite Bird: Emu
Hobbies: cleaning my feathers and scaring tourists
How do you like your chicken cooked: that's offensive, i'm no cannibal
Where were you when JFK was shot? juggling for an audience of 1000s in Hackensack Minnesota, as part of my previous life as a circus performer
Y2K Plans: to take all my money out of the bank and sit on it while drinking very dry gin martinis
In 60 years: fish food. I die in 41 yrs
10mm=the length of my right earlobe
10cm= approx. 3.5 inches
10m=the length of my dream boat
10km=too far to walk for smokes
Most memorable on-field ultimate moment: when i figured out how to dive for the disc without hurting myself
3 people for the FC: Mike Myers, Pierce Brosnan, Prince
Other notable favourable qualities ....
i read a lot for a rubber chicken

Funnily enough, Tracy is allergic to latex.