September 13th, 1999 - FINALS - Loss 14-10
So close and yet, so close

Well the dream has come to an end, and the chickens find themselves in an odd position: losers. It was an excellent game - plenty of lead changes and heart-stopping action. The final score, does not nearly represent how tightly played this championship match actually was. According to Scoreboard, at half-time, the contest was even at 7, followed by a score by each team to make it 8 a piece. At this point the Bastard Fish pulled out a small lead and that's when the chickens seemed to panic. "They ran about like their heads were chopped off or something," remarked one observer.

Untimely injuries really hit the chickens hard: Wheels busted up her ankle real good on the first shift of the game. Her foot has since been amputated and replaced with a brand new mechanical claw, which makes driving her new screamin' machine a little more exciting. Dehydration or mad chicken disease hit Finger Lickin' Good AND Interplanet Janet, killing them instantly. Bravely, they battled through the death and continued playing like the champions they are! I'm happy to say that both have recovered fully from their respective bouts of unlife.

The night also proved to be a factor, cutting the game short and prevented a sure comeback from our heroes of the barnyard. So the chickens came up a little short in the end, but what an effort. The whole team deserves a big pat on the back!

Drug testing of the Deliquent Goldfish is currently under way and i wouldn't be surprised if there was more than just fish food in their pee. But at least we can definitely say one thing about the game: At least our parents didn't show up!!!

Prizes and celebrations followed the match at our local white-meat-market, none other than the Bohemian, where memories and tears were spilled over ales and wings. Chants of "We're number 2! We're number 2!" thundered from the poultry corner as our squad name was called aloud. Shouts of joy and fits of laughter could also be heard eminating from our little nest when we learned that the prizes we missed out on were visors.

A definite tip-o-the-hat and sincerest congratulations goes off to the Deliquent Goldfish! Truly, a classy team, with great spirit - they certainly deserved to win. We definitely enjoyed playing you guys but lookout - we'll be working out a lot throughout the winter for next season... we have a physio therapist AS WELL AS a naturopath which should give us quite the advantage next time we meet! Perhaps one day a mish-mash of fish and chicken will lead to a new super-funky ultimate team, or at least a new type of white meat. I'll get my agent on it right away ...

CONGRATULATIONS go out to all the Funky Chickens - it was quite a ride! There was a point where we could've quit and packed it in, but we persevered and came together as a group and REALLY improved a lot over the course of the season. Many thanks to all staff members for making this first season such a memorable one. See you next summer and good luck to all those playing in the fall!