July 12th, 1999 - WIN 19-17
The game - loaded with controversy - was a spectacular one by the chickens who had an incredible turnout, particularly by the female fowl. In what will forever be known as the "Friendliest Game on Earth," the chickens dominated both the physical and mental aspects of the competition - especially the name-calling. Special mention goes out to Ted Everson, now known as "Lefty", who was killed in action. Oops, no sorry, he just busted up his shoulder real good and wooed the nurses at Sunnybrook with his incredible uniform. Other notables included Hardcore, sick with malaria, still giving 190% and still using her ass as a landing pad. Super Bain used her awesome powers of concentration (was it telekenisis? She'll never tell!) to land some huge grabs. Smiley was in full force spreading the love and the points with equal ferocity, just as Captain Claire, aka "Postal Chick" showered our unworthy opponents with her version of "the love" and then trounced them in the meantime. Planet Janet was out there displaying her incredible talents at maintaining her cool whilst being called a "chick", which, now that i think about it, actually sounds okay what with being a Funky Chicken and all. Anyhoo - she played good disc too. Graham Central Station roared into town and opened a can of whoop-ass on the poor suckers. Actually it was the stench of his shirt that gave him the edge, but we won't talk about that right now. We're all excited to see what vehicle Tara shows up in next week, but are more excited with the incredible concentration skills she displayed upon catching a grab with a member of the opposition screaming in her ear right at the big moment. Sue, magically or otherwise, always seemed to be in the right place at the right time - perhaps she put herself into stealth mode to get behind the lines of defense and make those great grabs. Rosh, another nicknameless chicken, who took a few tries but managed to snare the clincher, played a great game even with a billowing shirt flying capelike behind her. Rounding up the squad is Todd, the ringer, who shall now be called "Jackass" because of his stellar use of vocabulary, played an equally stellar game making huge pulls, crisp passes, and showing some extraordinary stamina. Ease up on the pot and beer, you Jacakass!
To summarize, it was a crappy, scrappy game because the other team just didn't know the rules - in fact they were content to "run around all over the place," and to "not call the picks on us because we won't call them on you." But we were keen and strong and we stuck it thru the nail-biter of a finish, as we really seem to enjoy letting our opponents back into the game shortly after half. A strategy simply designed to squash the puny spirits of our opposition!
Anyhoo - see you next week at the same shitty-ass field for a rematch against some Deliquent Goldfish... see you there! BRAWK!