July 5th, 1999 - WIN 18-14
Yes the 6 chickens that came out pulled together and rallied for a hard-fought and hard-sweated victory! Closing out the spring season, we took advantage of their use of the zone defence and pummeled them with our long bombs and wind cutting flicks. Tracy showed us all how soft the field really is by landing square on her ass, and Matty was a little quieter - offering a "Right here buddy!" only a few times during the competition ... Doug (the lovely creature featured below) served up some timely D and had us all looking skywards for his throws. Brent, the shirtless wonder, wowed the crowd by actually considering hacking a butt midway through the second half. He then went on to grease the competitors showing a deft throwing hand and beauty pulls. Sue was in full force distracting the opponents in her "beautiful hawaiian shirt" and making stellar catches left, right and center. Meanwhile, Whitey pulled up the rear, making the hard ones look easy, and the easy ones look like a sack o' bricks had just been thrown his way.
Congratulations team!! Current record = 2-6. The next season starts next week and we hope to see some more chickens in the coup so we can poke out yet another victory. Stay tuned for location and opponents for the management has not received that information yet .... BRAWK!