Name: Tara McCarville
Wing Span: 168 cm
Hometown: Charlottetown, PEI
Favourite Bird: dirty
Hobbies: work, work, tennis, work, reading, work, running, work and work. Oh, and of course, ultimate
How do you like your chicken cooked: dirty and well
Where were you when JFK was shot? Wishing I was closer to console John John
Y2K Plans: Cairo? Bombay? or Charlottetown...
In 60 years: In the summer, relaxing at a cottage on the east end of pei.
In the fall, relaxing in northern ontario
In the spring, travelling, or hanging out in BC.
In the winter, travelling around to exotic and not-so-exotic places, meeting interesting people, taking lots of photographs (all above board of course), visiting friends, and generally having my empire run by my staff back at home (wherever that happens to be...)
Measurements: Now, five years ago, or in 60 years?
Most memorable on-field ultimate moment: Having a REALLY SPIRITED GUY scream in my ear as I caught the disc in the endzone. Loser.
3 people for the FC: John John Kennedy, John McEnroe, Jolyon Hussey (childhood buddy)
I like the J's
Other notable favourable qualities ....
"yeah, yeah I got spirit. yeh, yeah I got spirit(s)..."

Tara refuses to accept that JFKjr is dead ...