Name: Roisin McGlynn
Wing Span: It's not the wing span that matters, it's how you play the game, man!
Hometown: Technically: Drogheda, Ireland
Favourite Bird: bbq bird
Hobbies: strutting my feathers in front of cocks
How do you like your chicken cooked: as i said, bbqued
Where were you when JFK was shot? a pre-meditated embryo
Y2K Plans: log
In 60 years: small seaside cottage somewhere in good ole Eire
Measurements: guess!
Most memorable on-field ultimate moment: being swallowed up by the end zone just before making the catch
3 people for the FC: That rooster from bugs bunny, tweety bird and big bird of course... what catches he could make eh?
Other notable favourable qualities ....
Can't go into details, I'd just overwhelm you all

Rosh only made the team because her sister is the captain.