Name: Janet Reid
Wing Span: 5'8.75" to be exact
Hometown: sarnia, yup that's right, sarnia
Favourite Bird: the dove, peace love and harmony... ok, maybe not, maybe it's a nice bbq'd chicken
Hobbies: doin' the funky chicken, oh yeah, and eating of course
How do you like your chicken cooked: ideally?? by mr. prince charming wearing only his chef hat as i sit sipping a lovely glass of white wine enjoying the view eagerly awaiting the meal of all meals... a well done, perhaps teryiaki chicken dish served with asparagus, and some roasted potatoes.. and of course, more wine
Where were you when JFK was shot? getting my hair done
Y2K Plans: for the eve entering 2K... a lovely cabin in northern ontario i hope... as for the rest of the year... probably workin' at "the head"
In 60 years: playing with my many grandchildren... NOT
Measurements: perfect
Most memorable on-field ultimate moment: Kai's dive/summersault all for the love of the game... and our point!!!
3 people for the FC: the beegees (even if only just 3 of them)
Other notable favourable qualities ....
i make a mean chocolate cake!!!

We haven't seen or tasted her chocolate cake ... yet.