August 3rd, 1999 - Win 18-3
Holy Shitballs - we demolished them!
Well, it was bound to happen and finally it did. The chickens of funky descent literally steamrolled their opponents in a decidedly one-sided match. As reports of the annihilation quickly spread throughout the ultimate community, the coaches could be heard to warn each other, saying: "watch out for those chickens - they pack quite a peck!"
Your humble authour wasn't present at this latest victory (imagine what the score would've been if i had been there :) ), so I can only specualte as to the carnage that was reaped upon the lowly opposition. Perhaps the most long-awaited event in FC history, Garth made his dramatic return to the field from his suspension for using vulgar language on the field. I haven't seen him yet, but i'm guessing that he's now so dark, he looks black. I can picture Matty running hither and thither, still smiling from the effects of the Phish concert. Newcomers - we'll call 'em chicks for now (NOT to confused with female fowl) - but certainly not rookies, Inti and Kai strutted their stuff with true Funkiness. Hardcore was out there running the coup as usual, playing killer disc and ending up on her ass more than once i'll bet. Planet Janet was truly out of this world flicking and hucking and Ding-up and Chillin' on Garth's magical lawn chairs. Rosh, how she managed to build up enough energy to play a game of ultimate, much less walk, after a weekend of hardcore paddling, portaging, and partying - i'll never know. But she did, and by God, we thank her for it! Tara arrived in yet another of her huge collection of vehicles and proceeded to create some roadkill of her own. You go, girl.
So, as I wrap up yet another game summary, i can feel the tears well up in my eyes. I am just so damn proud of this group of chickens, not only for our extraordinary amount of athletic ability, not only because we have the best uniforms in the Western world, not even because of the incredible bonding that occurs each and every time we put or claws in our cleats, but mostly because we are so bloody FUNKY! Great job, team - and with only two more victories, we can reach the penultimate goal of .500 ultimate. Good luck, and we'll see y'all next Monday at the flats! B R A W W W W K ! ! !